Welcome to 2017 and our amazing events!

In 2016 we had a great year with some very exciting events.

Just before Christmas, our Christmas party was awesome - around 2000 people came to enjoy the fun, the activities and the food! A great atmosphere, lots of free food - candyfloss, popcorn, sausage sizzle; face painting, rock painting, seed planting and animal area for the kids, bouncy castle and other inflatable activities, tea room, live music and more. Heaps of fun for everyone!

And now we have some great events happening in 2017:

holiday kidsclubs, movie night, retreat camps for solo parents and their kids

another Christmas Party


the imminent development of the Junior Road Safety Park

Watch this space!

Next up is the Highland Home Break Away Retreat Camp          for Solo Mums and their Families, 30  June - 2 July!

What a treat for those families!

Then it's the Movie Night on 7th July

Free to the community!

And then Kidsclub in the first week of the holidays, 11-14 July.

Again, free to the community!