Awapuni Community Gardens

A community initiative where neighbours are collectively involved in sustainable living through growing vegetables which provide healthy food, encouraging social connections and reducing pressure on family food budgets.  Serving over 50 families with individual plots and community plots for everyone to share. This was originally in the Crewe Crescent area, but in 2018 moved to Awapuni.

2017 Junior Road Safety Park

The establishment of a Junior Road Safety Park at the Victoria Esplanade was an exciting project which was undertaken by the Pascal Street Community Trust in partnership with the Palmerston North City Council. It is a place for children to learn about the road and road rules in a safe environment. It has miniature roads for children to bike on, complete with intersections with real working traffic signals, give way and stop signs, all set in a landscaped environment.

Karen Naylor, PSCT Trustee and fundraiser says "Our aim is that all children will be able to use this track once it's completed, because we'll have cycles for children who don't have them, including trikes or three-wheelers for children with disabilities to use."

The park is on the former site of the former caretaker's house near the children's playground off Fitzherbert Ave.

The Junior Road Safety Park at the Victoria Esplanade is now open. What a great day the opening was on Saturday 25 November

2016 United Youth

Working with disadvantaged youth, teaching life skills, mentoring young people and supporting them in their education and in life.

At present we're working with the Whanau Centre in providing food and drink (Wai and Kai) and provide sunblock during their rugby League sessions for eight weeks in the first term. Other years we have worked with Te Patikitiki Library, and offered other community activities like sports days, and music and dance modules.

2016 Craft Packs

Late in 2016 a set of craft packs were assembled to be delivered to families in need of extra support. The families that received the packages were very varied from families who had come to the ACROSS service for some extra support with their parenting, some refugee families who find holidays hard to fill up, to children who are currently living out of their family homes and the packages brought a bit of extra joy to their holidays and some ownership over a box of craft activities that they may have never owned before.