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Christmas Street Party

December 2016

There were so many thankyous with huge smiles!

Solo Mums' Break Away Camp

June 2016


  • The whole weekend was a blessing.
  • Loved all of it, but especially the facial and the goodies
  • Loved seeing my kids enjoy themselves, away from everyday life. And the food was the BEST!
  • I learnt to enjoy life, have fun and cherish making as many family moments as possible
  • the kids enjoyed making new friends, and trying new things
  • bouncy castles, top team, new friends, crafts
  • my children loved the river walk, the glow worms, the food
  • learnt how to handle temper tantrums

 Solo Dad's Break Away Camp August 2016

  • getting away from home, meeting other fathers in the same position I'm in
  • time to hang out, somewhere different to take kids
  • the thunder run
  • lighting fires down by the river
  • seeing my son having fun
  • marshmallows, bouncy castle, slug gun
  • fining your inner self and making the most of what you've got
  • how to spend time with my son



April, July, September


  • Fun, safe and engaging and food too!
  • the best bit was the kitchen because we made pizza
  • Really appreciated having somewhere safe and fun for our grandkids to go
  • Love the different activities, which are great for this age group
  • Was awesome. Had so much fun. Will so come next time
  • I love kids club, great times for my kids. My son carries on some of the ideas at home

Craft Boxes

  • Thank you to you guys and the Pascal Street Community Trust for the amazing Holiday Packs that we were able to deliver to our families through the generosity of the Trust and Helen's visionIn o
  • We could have easily placed these awesome boxes into at least double the homes we were given the allocation for.
  • In one of the families where I delivered the box, the young man was 5 years old and the joy on his face as he saw the jigsaw! He exclaimed to his nana….'How did they know I loved angry birds?'
  • This holiday box had multiple positive outcomes to our clients. The parents felt relief that they had some entertainment for the long 6 weeks ahead and the children were buzzing out over having some new creative bits to  play with and to be entertained with.
  • Thank you again for blessing our ACROSS community.